See if you should amend a tax return with H&R Block’s free Second Look

May 2016

More than 1 in 5 Americans have inaccuracies on their tax return that lead to a smaller refund than they deserve, according to H&R Block research.

This means out of the 150,694,000 tax returns the IRS processed for 2014, more than 30 million people could be due a larger tax refund.

While for some people that difference could be small – $10, $30 – it can be significant for many others.

What are the biggest pitfalls keeping people from getting their max refund?

  1. Missed higher education tax credit – The American Opportunity Tax Credit is worth up to $2,500.
  1. Failing to claim legal dependents – For 2015, an exemption is $4,000 per dependent, the Child Tax Credit can be worth up to $1,000, and the Dependent Care Tax Credit may be as much as $2,100.
  1. Failing to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit – This refundable tax credit can be worth up to $6,242 for 2015. 

Even just failing to file can be a big mistake. On average, a taxpayer due a refund who does not file a tax return loses $718.

The good news is that you have up to three years from the filing deadline to amend your return. You may still amend your 2013, 2014 and 2015 returns to get a refund.

It’s understandable if you don’t want to go through the trouble of amending a return if you don’t think you made any mistakes. That’s where H&R Block’s Second Look comes in.

Visit any H&R Block office for a free Second Look. A tax professional will look at your return if you self-prepared it or used a different tax prep company. Our tax pros will determine if there are any mistakes or if you were eligible for credits that could have increased your return. The consultation is completely free. If we don’t find anything – you don’t need to amend. If we do, your H&R Block tax professional can prepare a 1040X (amended return).

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to verify that you got back everything you deserve. Make an appointment now at your H&R Block office located at 1375 Madison Ave. in Bridgeport CT. Tel: 203-908-3309.

Reynold Alabre is a Sr. Accountant and a Tax Advisor at H&R Block. He’s the Owner of the Rey Group, and a member of the BRBC in Bridgeport. Rey has been providing expert tax advice and preparation support for taxpayers for over a decade.

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