ITINs and CAAs

Filing requirements can be intimidating for taxpayers without a social security number who are trying to fulfill their tax obligations, but the work is well worth the effort. Still, it is important to find the right tax professional in order to make everything as easy as possible. Utilizing a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) is the first step in expediting the process and will allow the applicant to keep important documents they would otherwise have to mail to the IRS.

Any worker who earned money in the United States, doesn’t qualify for a Social Security Number and files a U.S. tax return, should apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), according to IRS standards. Normally to get an ITIN, applicants need to submit original copies of important documents like birth certificates, current passports or visas. The IRS may keep these documents for up to 60 days. That is, unless the applicant uses a CAA.

With a CAA, applicants don’t have to send their original documents to the IRS. A CAA undergoes specialized training and is approved by the IRS to assist with the ITIN process by preparing the ITIN application, verifying supporting documents and then submitting the ITIN application to the IRS. Because a CAA can verify the supporting documents, the applicant does not need to send their original identification documents to the IRS.

H&R Block and its 9,000 bilingual tax pros can help taxpayers meet IRS requirements, and H&R Block CAAs enable clients to keep their original documents. This service is free at H&R Block with tax return preparation services.

With an ITIN, individuals can:

•     File their taxes;

•     Get a tax refund, if they qualify;

•     Open a bank account or apply for a bank loan;

•     Build a history of tax compliance;

•     Demonstrate eligibility for financial aid for their child’s education; and

•     Claim their spouse and qualifying relatives (in certain cases, these requirements may be met even if they live in Mexico or Canada).

Reynold Alabre is a Sr. Accountant and a Tax Advisor at H&R Block. He’s the Owner of the Rey Group, and a member of the BRBC in Bridgeport. Rey has been providing expert tax advice and preparation support for taxpayers for over a decade.

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