How to Protect Yourself

Tax records and supporting financial documents should be kept in secure storage – in a password protected electronic file and a safe. Here are a few best practices for protecting your personal information:

  • When you do decide to discard of financial documents, always use a paper shredder.
  • Play it safe. Keep tax documents locked in a safe so that they’re not easily available if your home is ever broken into.
  • Identity shield products guarantee to protect your identity, so in the instance of fraudulent tax activity, you are protected. Consider using one of these products.
  • Never leave your receipts in a public place. Even if they only display the last few digits of a credit card, hackers still attempt to use this information.
  • Duplicate important documents. Store a hard and online copy of important documents in a safe area. And, make sure the copies are securely stored on your home computer. Update your security software frequently.

Use the same IRS-issued guidelines for hard-copy document storage of tax records as electronic. It should be:

  • Secure
  • Legible and readable
  • Organized or indexed so the material can be easily located

Thankfully there are a few safeguards to learn how to discard or keep tax documents. But, here is the best option… Connect with a tax professional from H&R Block located at 1375 Madison Ave. in Bridgeport  to find an answer to every question you may have on this issue and more.

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